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Chant texts and cantus firmi

This guide provides access and information on melodies and texts of Gregorian chants for those involved in the study and performance of these works.

Text-only resources

  •  Hesbert, René-Jean, ed. Antiphonale Missarum Sextuplex. Brussels: Vromant, 1935. ML 3080 C32 A6 (Hesbert, AMS)

    • Inventories (list of contents) of six of the earliest manuscripts of the text of the Gregorian Mass, organized in parallel columns; there is also an index
    • Database of Hesbert’s AMS: Partial substitute of Hesbert’s indices

  • Hesbert, René-Jean, ed. Corpus antiphonalium officii. 6 vols. Rerum ecclesiasticarum documenta, Series maior, Fontes, 7-12. Rome: Herder, 1963-79.  BX 2015 A2 1963 (Hesbert, CAO)

    • Catalogue of music for for the Office (mostly antiphons and responsories)
    • Inventories of 12 important manuscript antiphonals, in parallel columns
    • Index and full text of all the chants found in manuscripts

  • Dreves, G.M., C. Blume et al., eds.  Analecta Hymnica.  55 vols.  Leipzig, 1886-1922.  Register. Edited by Max Lutolf. 3 vols. Bern: A. Francke, 1978.  BV 468 A5 1961 (AH)

    • Most extensive collection and history of Medieval Latin sacred verse of the Catholic Church 500–1400
    • Online resource: a few volumes short and does not have the indices
    • Searchable index: The site has a paid service that has the entire 58 volumes in a searchable format; the indices are free

  • Chevalier, Cyr Ulysse J., ed. Repertorium Hymnologicum. 6 vols. Subsidia hagiographica no. 4. Louvain: Imprimerie Lefever, 1892-1921. ML 128 C2 C44 (Chev)

    • Catalogue of Latin poetry used in the Catholic Church
    • From origins until date of publication
    • Texts of hymns, proses, sequences, tropes

  • Marbach, Carolus, ed. Carmina Scripturarum. 1907. Reprint, Hildesheim: G. Olms, 1994. BS 399 l3C37 1994 (Storage Collection)

    • List of liturgical texts that are derived from the text of the Bible, in order of the Bible
    • Has an index

  • Hughes, Andrew, ed. Late Medieval Liturgical Offices: Resources For Electronic Research. Subsidia mediaevalia 24. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1994-1996. (LMLO)

  • LMLO Vol. 1: Texts (1994). BX1973 H8415 1994

    • Provides methods for describing and recording liturgical material 
    • Contains its own sigla system
    • Database of chant texts from 12 volumes of Analecta Hymnica
    • Catalogue of 1500 offices, has inventories
    • Google books

The Bible

  • The Vulgate Bible: Douay-Rheims translation BS180 2010

    • English translation of the Bible from the Latin
    • Online: Latin Vulgate

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