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Open Research

Outlines resources and strategies to make one's research, data, and publications open.

Registering your method

Three means to register your research plan PRIOR to conducting the research:

1. Preregister a study

2. Registered reports

  • Similar to preregistering a study, except your report is a peer-reviewed article which outlines a study's:
    • design
    • method
    • analysis plan
    • Once the registered report is accepted, the journal will accept the final paper regardless of its findings. 
  • See journals which accept registered reports
  • How to do a registered report (workshop slides by Dr. Jessica Flake)

Study registration forms and templates:

See also: Uri, Joe Leif. (Nov., 6, 2017). How to properly preregister a study

3. Protocols

Open protocols provide detailed methodological steps in granularity not found in peer-reviewed articles. 

Baker, M. (2021). Five keys to writing a reproducible lab protocolNature597(7875), 293-294.

Protocol sharing platforms:

See also Systematic Review for Health: Registering a protocol (University of Tasmania guide)

Further reading

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