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MECH 548 Cellular Materials in Natural and Engineered Structures

Searching the catalogue

Use WorldCat Discovery to find books. For example:

  • Do a keyword search: trabecular bone
  • Click on "Books" from the left-hand side of the screen to limit your results to books.
  • Find a good book, e.g. Advanced bioimaging technologies in assessment of the quality of bone and scaffold materials (ebook) and click on the title. Under View Description, you will see a subject heading listed in the Subject field: Bone Imaging.
  • Click on the subject heading link to retrieve more books about that subject.

Search tips

Truncation symbol: * e.g. trabecula* will retrieve catalogue records containing the words trabecular, trabeculae, trabecula, etc.
Phrase searching: "___" e.g. "trabecular bone" will retrieve catalogue records containing the phrase trabecular bone
Boolean operators: (), AND, OR, NOT
default: AND
Boolean operators must be in capital letters
e.g. bone AND (trabecular OR cancellous) will retrieve catalogue records containing the word bone AND either trabecular OR cancellous

Possible topics to search in WorldCat Discovery:

Biocompatible materials

Honeycomb structures

Biocompatible materials - therapeutic use



Nanostructured materials

Biomedical engineering


Biomedical materials

Nanotechnology - therapeutic use

Biomedical technology

Peritrophic membranes

Biomimetic materials

Plant mechanics


Polymeric composites



Bone - imaging

Polymers in medicine

Bone - mechanical properties

Porous materials

Cellular materials Radiolaria
Cellular structures Regenerative medicine
Composite materials Sandwich construction
Foamed materials Tissue engineering

To refine any of these searches, type additional words into your search (as keywords).

You can search for other books by subject by going to the Advanced Search and typing words into the Subject field.



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