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New books in Transportation

Search the Sofia Discovery tool


Search the Sofia Discovery tool for McGill's collection of resources: books, journals & articles, multimedia, and other resources, in both print or electronic format.

Tips for finding books

Use the Sofia Discovery tool (the library catalogue) to find books in print and electronic fomats. You can search using words like - transportation, logistic*, flow, planning, etc.

Search tips

Truncation symbol: * e.g. analy* will retrieve catalogue records containing the words analysis, analyze, analyzing, analyse, analysing, etc.
Phrase searching: "___" e.g. "traffic flow" will retrieve catalogue records containing the phrase traffic flow
Boolean operators: (), AND, OR, NOT
default: AND
e.g. traffic AND (flow OR control) will retrieve catalogue records containing the word traffic AND either flow OR control

Locating a book by call number

You can locate a print book by call number by going to the Sofia Discovery tool and typing a specific call number in the search box. For example, typing nu: HE336 R68 M63 2015 in the search box will retrieve "Mobility patterns and urban structure". Please note that you can be precise or general when listing a call number (e.g. searching just nu: HE336 will retrieve several books in that subject area).

Virtual browsing

Once you locate an ebook or print book of interest, you can browse the shelves virtually to find other books on similar topics. First, locate a book of interest by searching the Sofia Discovery tool using keywords and limiting to print books from the options on the left-hand side of the results screen. Next, click on "Browse the shelf" where you will see neighboring books available in print and as ebooks. For example, books near to Mobility patterns and urban structure include Car sick: solutions for our car-addicted culture and Rural transport services: a guide to their planning and execution.


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