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Dietetics and Human Nutrition

Resources for Dietetics & Human Nutrition Students and researchers

Multidisciplinary Databases

A multidisciplinary or general database is one which covers a wide range of topics across multiple academic disciplines. You may want to use a multidisciplinary database if your topic is cross-disciplinary, or if you are not yet sure of the subject area into which your topic falls.

Suggested Databases

Web of Science: Large multidisciplinary database offering citation linking and citation counts.

Scopus: Large multidisciplinary science and social sciences database that is capable of backward and forward citation linking and includes citation counts.

Subject-Specific Databases

A subject-specific database focuses on a single discipline (e.g., Dietetics) or a group of related disciplines (e.g., Life Sciences, Health Sciences, & Medicine) and usually provide comprehensive coverage of that specific field. Using a subject-specific database is ideal if you know a particular subject area is appropriate for your search topic.
Suggested Databases

PubMed: Published by U.S. National Library of Medicine -includes citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles

FSTA Direct: An extensive collection of abstracts prepared from the world's food science, food technology and food-related human nutrition literature. Provides coverage from 1969 to the present.


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