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MGCR 360: Social Context of Business

Finding Scholarly Resources

Use the Library Catalogue WorldCat to find books and media on your chosen research topic and use Business Source Complete and ABI/Inform (ProQuest) to find scholarly articles in the business field. 


Forming a Search Strategy

Boolean Operators 

Operator Description
AND Use to narrow your search: Climate AND Change
OR Use to expand your search: Climate OR Environment
NOT Use to exclude a search term: Climate NOT Change
( ) Use for nesting a query within a search: (Climate OR environment) AND Change
"  " Use to enclose specific phrases: "climate change"


These tools can help use narrow down our searches and retrieve more relevant results. We can filter by publication type or date, we can specify full-text or peer-reviewed. We can also limit our results by document type, geographic region, and language



Truncation Description
? Use to replace a character in a word: Behavio?r
* Use to retrieve variants of a root word: Sustain*
< / > Use to search before or after a publication year: >2010
- Use to indicate a date range: 2010-2018

General Tips 

  • Define the scope of your research inquiry and list possible variants or phrases that may be useful 

  • Determine who might want to use this information and where it would be published 

  • Evaluate the database to determine if all Boolean operators are applicable or if any special characters may be relevant 

  • Use limiters and expanders to control the return of results 

  • Review the abstract to determine if the information is applicable to your research inquiry 

  • Remember to cite all sources used and give credit to original ideas


Searching Social Media

There are a multitude of places where you can search for social media posts. Below are a few. 


Statistics and Government Information


It is important to remember to cite your sources. Below are three sources that can help you cite along the APA citation normes. 


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