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Love Data Week @ McGill: Events

February 14
February 15
February 16
February 17
February 18

Workshop, 10AM: Introduction to Working with Data in ExcelRegister

Workshop, 2PM:  R and Ggplot2 for Total Beginners - part 1Register

Workshop, 11AM: Introduction to Data Visualization – Register 

Workshop, 1PM: How to Write a Data Management PlanRegister 

Workshop 10AM: Intermediate Data Analysis in ExcelRegister 

Panel, 12PM: The Pandora Papers for Data Lovers – Register

Workshop, 2:30PM: Bias, Ethics, and Artificial Intelligence – Register

Workshop, 3PM: TDM Studio 1 - The Workbench WorkshopRegister


Workshop, 11AM: Demystifying Qualitative Coding Register 


Workshop, 2PM: Show, but Don’t Tell: Fake News and Data VisualizationRegister


Workshop, 10AM:R and Ggplot2 for Total Beginners - part 2 –  Register

Workshop, 12PM: TDM Studio 2 - The Visualization WorkshopRegister

Our sister institutions in Quebec are also offering workshops and events under the name Semaine des données à cœur: "Durant la semaine du 14 février, nous vous proposons chaque jour des activités sur le thème des données de recherche. Toutes les présentations sont en ligne et ouvertes à tous." Don't forget to check them out!

Attending one of our Love Data Week 2022 events?  Show your love of data with this special Zoom Background!

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