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3D Printing

The McGill Library's 3D Printing Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use the 3D printers?

  • The 3D printing room is open Monday-Friday from 9AM to 6PM.

Who can use the 3D printers?

  • Current McGill students and faculty members after registering with the service (email or visit in person during student assistant hours). Optionally, you may request training on how to use the service from staff members.

How much does it cost?

  • 3D printing is free for current students and faculty.

Can I choose which colours to print in?

  • Please use the filament colour that is pre-loaded into the printer. If you would like to print with other colours please contact for additional information and assistance. Please do not attempt to change filament on your own!

What material(s) can I print with?

  • We are currently only offering PLA. Only the filament that the library has provided may be used.

Someone is printing in my time slot - what do I do?

  • If somebody is printing during your booked time slot you have the right to cancel their print and start your own. We kindly ask you to send us an email at in such cases.

My print may go past my time slot - what do I do?

  • Please book more time if there are available time slots.
  • If your print goes ~15 minutes past your slot, kindly ask the person after you if they would be willing to wait for your print to finish.
  • If your print goes more than 15 minutes past your slot, we will ask you to cancel and reschedule it.

My print has failed or looks like it will fail - what do I do?

  • Cancel the print! If you are unable to resolve the issue and believe that there is a problem with the printer, please send us an email at explaining the issue.

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