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Middle East studies: Digital collections

Materials for the history of the Middle East


The African Online Digital Library (AODL) is a portal to multimedia collections about Africa. MATRIX, working in cooperation with the African Studies Center at Michigan State University, is partnering with universities and cultural heritage organizations in Africa to build this resource. Plans are underway to add digital tools in order to enable scholars to work with and add to these materials.

Full texts from the Sykes-Picot agreement through Camp David, Mitchell and Tenet. Includes documents beyond 2001.

A plethora of online resources on and about Palestine from Sykes-Picot agreement to the Edward Said Archive.

The internet library sub-Saharan Africa (ilissAfrica) is a portal that offers an integrated access to relevant scientific conventional and digital information resources on the sub-Saharan Africa region. Information scattered on private or institutional websites, databases or library catalogues is brought together in order to facilitate research.

This collection of maps covers much of Palestine’s modern history. While many of these maps represent PASSIA’s own work, others are drawn from secondary sources – as indicated beneath the individual maps.

The UN website includes digital copies of most work documents produced from1993, Security Council, General Assembly, and Economic and Social Council Resolutions from1946, in addition to reports, agreements and legal instruments, statistics, etc.

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