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McGill Library holds a significant collection of maps, atlases, air photos, satellites imagery, and data covering the greater Montreal region, the province of Quebec, Canada, and the rest of the world. The following dataset categories provide the user with easy access to McGill's own geospatial data collections as well as open GIS data resources.

Agriculture, Forestry, Oceanograpy and Land Use

This section provides access to scanned maps, interactive maps, digital maps, as well as electronic books in terms of agriculture, forestry, oceanography and land use.


This section provides access to climate data, relevant digital maps, charts and geospatial data, as well as information about the Deglaciation of North America.

Digital Elevation Models and Topography

This section provides access to digital elevation data in the context of Canada, United States, and the world as well as resources about topography. 


This section provides access to the data products provided by DMTI Spatial, and can only be used under certain conditions.


This section provides access to McGill's collections of satellite imagery and orthophotos.

Maps and Atlases

This section provides access to online historical maps and atlases, Montreal map collections, and topographic maps of the world.

Montreal-Related Datasets

This section provides access to Montreal-related datasets ranging from maps, land use, imagery to transit data.


This section contains a mixture of geospatial datasets, such as the most requested geospatial datasets, open GIS Data, and Canada Census Geography Files.

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