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MECH 393, 463, 494 – Design

Information resources for students in MECH 393, 463, and 494

Finding articles

Core databases

  • Compendex
    Covers all aspects of engineering

Additional databases

Most of the Library's licensed electronic resources, such as databases, full-text online journals and ebooks, are restricted to McGill students and staff. Find out about accessing the Library's online resources from on and off campus.

Use research databases to find journal articles and conference papers on your topic. For example:

  • Search Compendex.
  • Search for: QFD optimizer
  • Find the article by Moscowitz, Herbert and Kim, Kwang-Jae:
    • "QFD optimizer: a novice friendly quality function deployment decision making support system for optimizing product designs" Computers and Industrial Engineering. v. 32 no 3, July 1997, p.641-655
  • Click on "Detailed"; read the abstract. [Clicking on the Main heading, Controlled terms, and Uncontrolled terms links will give you more articles about those subjects.]
  • Click on the red McGill "Find Full Text" or the green "Full-text" link to search for the article online.
  • If you are not offered an article full-text through a research database, then search the catalogue. If the library does not subscribe to the journal, then get it on Interlibrary Loan (ILL). There are no charges for ILL; McGill subsidizes this service.

            Do not wait until it is too late for us to help you with ILL.

Resource key

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  • Catalogue record

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