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Professional resources

Guides and Handbooks

  • American Architects Directory, Third Edition, 1970
    NA53 A37 1970 (Ref)
  • Architectes répertoire directory
    NA11 A87 (Ref)
  • Architects in Practice, New York City, 1840-1900 [1979]
    NA55 N5 F72 (Ref)
  • Atlantic Architects: An Illustrated Directory
    NA60 C2 A75 (Ref)
  • B.O.S.S. Directory of Canadian Architects 1995
    NA60 C2 D57 1995 (Ref)
  • Canadian Architectural Directory
    NA60 C2 R6 (Ref)
  • Directory of African American Architects
    NA53 D37 (Ref)
  • Directory of Canadian Architects
    NA60 C2 D57 (Ref)
  • Directory of Historic American Architectural Firms
    NA1996 A5 (Ref)
  • Directory of Official Architects and Planning Yearbook
    NA60 G7 D57 (Ref)
  • Directory of U.S. Architects online
  • International Directory of the American Institute of Architects
    NA53 A614 1981 (Ref)
  • List of Architects, as of 1st April, 1977 (India)
    NA60 I5 C6 (Ref)
  • ProFile: The Directory of U.S. Architectural Design Firms
    NA53 P763 (Ref)
  • RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) Members Directory 1995-1996
    NA60 C2C35 1995-96 (Ref)
  • Tableau des membres (Ordre des architectes du Québec) 94-95
    NA60 C2 O73 (Ref)

Architecture: A Bibliographic Guide to Basic Reference Works, Histories, and Handbooks is limited to books in English and Western European languages published between 1875-1980 and accessible in US libraries (from the preface). Resources pertaining to the practice of architecture are found in chapter two. Entries are annotated.
Z5941 E38 1984 (Ref)

Architecture Sourcebook: A Guide to Resources on the Practice of Architecture
"contains primarily English-language publications [published before 1995] on architectural building types and complementary basic references and core collections that are considered essential to architects in the United States...a selective rather than comprehensive list" (from the Introduction). Emphasis on current resources. Divided into two parts, part one listing sources organized by 14 building types, and part two listing basic reference resources. Includes suggested Library of Congress Subject Headings. Entries briefly annotated.
Z5943 A72 W39 1997 (Ref)


  • Index to Information on Individual Architects in a Select List of Books
    Z5941 B7 [1979] (Vertical File -- ask at the Information Desk) provides references to specific architects within general works on architecture spanning a range of historical periods and architectural types.
  • Information Resources in Architecture
  • Papers, American Assoc. Of Architecture Bibliographers Thirteen volumes containing bibliographies of bibliographies on selected architects, architectural styles, and locations. Check the subject headings in the Catalogue record (click on the title to see the full record); note that volume 11 of the series serves as the index to volumes 1-10.
    Z5941 A5 [1965-1979] (Ref) v. 1-13
  • Sources of Modern Architecture: A Bibliography is divided into three sections: biographical bibliography, subject bibliography (organized into Modern Architecture; Architectural Theory; Aesthetics, Architecture and Society), and national bibliography (organized by countries). The biographical section contains short synopses of the architects' life and work.
    folio Z5941 S48 1967 (Ref)
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