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Agricultural Economics

Resources for Agricultural Economics students and researchers.

Key Texts

Environmental Economics

This text provides students with an introduction to basic principles of environmental economics. It is about the way human decisions affect the quality of the environment; about how human values and institutions shape our demands for improvement in the quality; and, most especially, about how to design effective public policies to bring about these improvements.

Introductory Econometrics: Intuition, Proof, and Practice

Introductory Econometrics attempts to distill econometrics into a form that preserves its essence, but that is acceptable-and even appealing-to the student's intellectual palate. Using select innovations in presentation and practice, this text aims to engage readers, familiarize them with basic econometrics, and encourage the responsible and insightful application of economic tools.


An in-depth text for students of macroeconomics.


The classic text for microeconomics, this book provides clear and detailed, instruction on the subject.

World Food: Production and Use

A comprehensive look at food production and consumption worldwide. This global overview of agriculture discusses all of the primary aspects of food production and relates that information to human nutritional needs.



A Dictionary of Economics

This authoritative dictionary covers all aspects of economics including theory, policy, and applied micro and macroeconomics on a global scale. An essential book for professional economists as well as for students and teachers of economics, business, and finance.

The Dictionary of Sustainability

Provides clear and accurate definitions of the extensive vocabulary that has developed in this emerging and interdisciplinary field, as well authoritative definitions of standard terms used by scholars and practitioners it provides a clear and thorough conceptual framework and ensures those delving into topics for the first time, or returning to them, can quickly find what they need. It also contains careful use of cross-references, and includes several expanded entries to provide readers with nuanced understanding of important topics.

Dictionnaire du développement durable

Onze cents termes et au-delà de mille définitions qui gravitent autour du concept de développement durable. Comme l'a noté L.G. Francoeur, l'ouvrage est de bon niveau technique mais discutable sur le plan idéologique, "avec sa vision de compromis" entre environnement et économie et son absence de référence à la capacité d'autoreproduction des écosystèmes".

OECD Economics Glossary: English-French/Glossaire de l'économie de l'OCDE: anglais-français

Containing some 30,000 terms and expressions and covering a wide range of subject areas: general economics, statistics, finance and banking, trade, management, accounting, insurance, manpower and employment, development and tax. The glossary also explores new fields, such as money laundering and financial engineering. It gives brief descriptions of four specialist areas (financial analysis, money laundering, credit derivatives and transfer prices) and the English equivalents of the basic concepts.

Routledge Dictionary of Economics

This dictionary of economic and financial terms has been updated to reflect the economic changes of the new millennium, including the emergence of experimental and behavioural economics, new political economy, the importance of institutions, globalization, environmental economics, financial crises and the economic emergence of China and India.


An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics

This reference source on macroeconomics embraces definitions of terms and concepts, conflicting ideological approaches and the contributions of major thinkers. Comprehensive in scope, it contains over 300 short entries and more than 100 specially commissioned main entries from an internationally renowned group of scholars.

Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics

This reference work covers the relationships among three important sub disciplines of economics: energy economics, resource economics and environmental economics.

Green Business: An A-Z Guide

Provides an overview of key principles, approaches, strategies, and tools businesses have used to reduce environmental impacts and contribute to sustainability.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society

Encyclopedia covering the economic aspects of the contemporary world, contemporary issues, and society.


Manuals & Handbooks

Handbook of Agricultural Economics

A multi-volume set, this handbook offers a comprehensive, detailed treatment of agricultural economics.

     Volume 1A: Agricultural Production

     Volume 1B: Marketing, Distribution and Consumers

     Volume 2A: Agriculture and Its External Linkages

     Volume 2B: Agricultural and Food Policy

     Volume 3: Agricultural Development: Farmers, Farm Production and Farm Markets

     Volume 4: Regional Diversity, Farm Structure and Agricultural Policy

Handbook for a Sustainable Economy

Focusing on the the potential impact of climate change on the world economy, this book uses the theories of environmental economics to discuss the challenges of building a sustainable economy, and the structures and tools that may be used to do so.

The Handbook of Global Agricultural Markets: The Business and Finance of Land, Water, and Soft Commodities

A one-stop reference for practitioners and academics in finance, business, and economics, providing a holistic reference to the international agriculture business. The book takes a multidisciplinary approach to the topic, looking at the issues, opportunities, and investible themes in the global agricultural space, combining both research and practical tools for analyzing topics and assessing risks. A central theme of the book is the role of the agriculture industry as an emerging market, how the industry has developed and grown to date, and prospects for the future.

The Handbook of Organic and Fair-Trade Food Marketing

The Handbook of Organic and Fair Trade Food Marketing provides a practical guide to successful marketing in these two dynamic sectors, underpinned by case-histories and lessons from companies that have been successful in these areas, including Green & Black's, Yeo Valley and Duchy Originals.



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