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Agricultural Economics

Resources for Agricultural Economics students and researchers.


Statistics Canada: Homepage for all statistics from the Government of Canada

Statistics Canada-Agriculture: Comprehensive data, reports and statistics relating to Canadian agriculture, food production, land use and the environment.



Alberta Agriculture and Forestry: Provides data, statistics, and reports on food and agriculture production and trade in Alberta.

British Columbia

Agriculture-Province of British Columbia: Data on land use, food and crop production, fisheries, and environmental policy and programs in BC.

Statistics-Province of British Columbia: Comprehensive data and statistics on the BC economy, population, environment and employment.


Manitoba Agriculture: Data and statistics on Manitoba agriculture and food production, environment, and trade.

Manitoba Bureau of Statistics: Provides general economic and demographic data for the province of Manitoba.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries: Provides data and statistics on all aspects of New Brunswick's agricultural sector.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Forestry and Agrifoods Agency: Information on all aspects of Newfoundland and Labrador's agricultural and foods industries, including data, statistics, and market reports.

Statistical Information for Newfoundland and Labrador: General data, including demographic, economic, and environmental data and statistics.

Nova Scotia

Department of Agriculture: Information on all aspects of Nova Scotia agriculture, including statistics, reports, and detailed data at county level.


Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs: Provides statistics and data on agricultural and food production in Ontario, provincial economic data, international trade, and demographic and land use data at a county level.

Ontario Ministry of Finance: Comprehensive data, statistics, and reports on the economy of Ontario.

Prince Edward Island

Department of Agriculture and Land: Information, including data, statistics and reports, on all aspects of the agricultural and fisheries industries in PEI.


Institut de la statistique Québec: Provides statistics, statistical analyses, and reports on the province of Quebec, including agricultural production, economic, trade, and environmental data, sustainable development approaches and indicators, and demographic data. Note: Some resources are available only in French.

Agriculture, environnement et ressources naturelles: Information about agriculture and natural resources in Quebec. Note: Some resources are available only in French.


Government of Saskatchewan-Market and Trade Statistics: Agricultural production and trade statistics for Saskatchewan.

Government of Saskatchewan-Statistics and Government Data: General demographic and geographic data.



Eurostat: The statistical office of the European Union, providing comprehensive statistics, data and reports for all member nations.

Agriculture and Rural Development: Information on all aspects of agriculture from the European Commission, including policy, marketing data and trade analysis.

United Kingdom

Agriculture in the United Kingdom: Annual statistics about agriculture in the United Kingdom.

Office for National Statistics: The statistical office of the United Kingdom.

United States

National Agricultural Statistics Service: Information from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on all aspects of US agriculture and agricultural industry, including data at a state and county level.

US Data and Statistics: Comprehensive data and statistics on US economics, demographics, and the environment.

Non-governmental Statistics Resources

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Food, agriculture, environment, and trade data and reports from the United Nations.

Statista: Comprehensive statistics, market research and business portal, providing data from over 22,500 sources.

World Bank DataBank: Provides access to a large library of international statistics, data, and reports, as well as journal articles, international development reports, and other publications.


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