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Musicianship and music theory concepts

Musicianship and music theory concepts

Helpful websites for musicianship practice

Good Ear
An easy-to-use introduction to intervals, triad qualities, scales, short progressions, and diatonic and chromatic pitches. Exercises
Covers rhythmic and melodic dictation (1 and 2 voices), intervals, chords, progressions, and scales. Although more complicated than Good Ear, Teoria offers more options and advanced exercises.

Tone Savvy: Practice exercises
Ear training and Theory exercises are available in a variety of customizable exercises. For ear training practice topics include: intervals, chords, scales, chord progressions, pitch identification, functional scale degrees, and melodic diction. For theory training practice topics include: note names, interval building, chord identification and functions, key signature identification, and rhythmic dictation.

Helpful websites for music theory concepts
Lessons and exercises on music theory fundamentals, basic harmony, and voice leading. Tutorials
Lessons and exercises on intervals, scales, chords, diatonic and chromatic harmony, and musical form. also offers animated analyses of short musical pieces.

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