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Medical sociology

Data and health information sources

Finding data

Health information sources

Here is a listing of some relevant data sources. A comprehensive list can be found on the Statistics & data subject guide.

Health Reports, from Statistics Canada

Peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides data information on Canada's populations.

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Provides essential information on all aspects of Canada’s health system and the health of Canadians.

Global Health Observatory

From the World Health Organization. Source for international health data and trends. Integrates 1000 health indicators. Includes data repository, analystical reports, health data and statistics by country, etc.

National Center for Health Statistics

From the U.S. Information Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides data on health, disease, nutrition, health care, and vital statistics.

UNECE Data Locator

From the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Tool from the to locate international statistics, including category for health statistics.


The World Bank's comprehensive database of health, nutrition, and population statistics.


Other relevant subject guides

Epidemiology and biostatistics

Finding instruments, measures, scales & tests in education, health, psychology & social work

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