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HIST 574: Topics in U.S. History: African North Americans and Citizenship

Research guide for HIST 574 (Fall 2023-Winter 2024)

Getting started

Reference Sources

Find Secondary Sources

Find books

Find books by searching the Library Catalogue by keyword or by subject heading. Try subject heading searches such as:

  • su: Black people North America History 20th Century
    • Tip: replace 20th Century with whatever century you are interested in (17th Century, 18th Century, etc.)
  • su: Black people Canada History

To learn more about how Subject Headings work, see this section of the Black Canadian Studies guide.

Tip: also try searching for books assigned in class and seeing what subject headings have been applied to those books.

Find peer-reviewed articles

Tip! If you are searching for articles on the African Diaspora, try searching America: History & Life and Historical Abstracts simultaneously. After opening one of the databases, click "Choose Databases" next to the database title. Then, in the list of EBSCO databases, select both America: History & Life and Historical Abstracts.

Find Primary Sources

Newspapers & Periodicals

More historic newspapers and magazines can be found on the Newspapers Guide, as well as under "Primary Sources" under the History Subject Guides linked above.

Primary Source Collections

Latin America & African Diaspora


Find films on Black Canadian History on this page of the Black Canadian Studies guide.


History as a discipline uses the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) for citations, and usually the Notes-Bibliography form. This requires creating properly formatted footnotes footnotes and a Bibliography for your assignments. Resources to understand the Chicago style of citations are included below.


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