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HIST 366: History of Haiti

Research guide for HIST 366 (Fall 2023)

Getting Started

Course Readings

Helpful Guide

Access primary sources

For your Primary Source Analysis Essay, you will select two primary sources from The Haiti Reader (available as an eBook, below) or A Haiti Anthology: Libète (available as a physical book in the Reserves Room in McLennan).

Find secondary sources

For your Primary Source Analysis Essay, you will choose 2-3 scholarly articles, 1 or 2 which are not course readings.

Find peer-reviewed articles

Find books

Reminders for catalogue searching:

  • Begin by keyword searching
  • Use the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to find more books on the same topic
  • Scroll to the bottom of a catalogue record to browse the virtual shelf

Cite your sources

Chicago Citation Style

McGill University Collections Centre

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Check on the progress of the move of the McLennan-Redpath Libraries' circulating collection at the Collections Centre website.

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