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HIST 353: History of Montreal

Resource guide for students enrolled in HIST 353 (Summer 2023).

Getting Started

Find Resources

Research street names

To find more library resources on Montreal street names, search the Library Catalogue for: 

  • su: Streets Québec (Province) Montréal History

Research individuals

To search for items about famous Montrealers, try searching the Library Catalogue for the individual's name as a subject with Last Name, First Name:

  • su:Cohen, Leonard

To search for items by a famous Montrealer, search instead in the author field:

  • au:Cohen, Leonard

You can also keyword search for individuals' names (e.g., Leonard Cohen; Jeanne Mance) but you will have more false hits than if you search in the subject field (su:) or author field (au:).

Research Montreal churches

Try searching the Library Catalogue for subject headings such as the following:

  • su: Church buildings Québec (Province) Montréal
  • su: Church architecture Québec (Province) Montréal Details
  • su: Églises Québec (Province) Montréal
  • su: Architecture religieuse Québec (Province) Montréal Détails
  • su: Notre-Dame de Montréal (Church)
  • su: Christ Church Cathedral (Montréal, Québec)
  • su: St. Paul's Church (Montréal, Québec)

Search Newspapers

Local newspapers provide insight into the social and cultural life of their communities and are excellent primary sources.

Find Historic Photographs

General Resources

Look at the resources presented by neighbourhood below, or try these other more general resources:

Resources by Neighbourhood

Some resources to get started researching by neighbourhood or area of Montreal. Not every link here leads to items that will be acceptable primary or secondary sources for your assignment -- be sure to be critical of information from popular websites! (Note: not all areas are included.)

Catalogue Search Strategy

Try searching the Library Catalogue by combining the subject terms for Montreal: su: Québec (Province) Montréal with locations, places, or landmarks you are interested in. For example:

  • su: Québec (Province) Montréal Saint Henri
  • su: Québec (Province) Montréal Little Burgundy
  • su: Québec (Province) Montréal synagogue 
  • su: Québec (Province) Montréal Dollard-des-Ormeaux

Then, after locating an item that is of interest to you, examine the Subject Headings to determine what may be useful for your research. Library of Congress Subject Headings are usually the best ones, and you can click the links to find more library resources tagged with the same Subject Heading.



Côte Saint-Luc




Little Burgundy

Little Italy


Mile End

Milton Park

Park Ex

  • Park Extension Historical Society: the Park Ex's historical society webpage is no longer active, however, there is an associated closed Facebook group.



Quartier Latin



Shaugnessy Village



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