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HIST 320: Global Feminisms

Getting started

Reference Works

Find primary sources

Published Collections

Writings of many feminist leaders and thinkers across the globe are available in print or eBooks. Try searching the Library Catalogue in the following ways to identify published collections of primary sources:

By author:
  • Search in the author field using au: and the author's name. Examples:
  • au: Mott, Lucretia
  • au: Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
By title:
  • Search in the title field using ti: and using a known title in exact phrase searching. Examples:
  • ti:"the second sex"
  • ti:"the feminine mystique"
By subject:
  • Subject headings use the word sources to indicate primary sources. Try searching in the subject field using su: and by combining the term feminism with a location and the term sources. Examples:
  • su: feminism United States sources
  • su: feminism France sources
  • Further tip: you may wish to filter to the format Books 

Digital Collections

Find secondary sources

Find journal articles

Find books



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