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Health Sciences Research Basics

Useful tips for research


Welcome to the Health Sciences Research Basics guide

We have created this guide as a starting point or a refresher for your research in fields related to health sciences.

It will also help you prepare for your meeting with a health sciences librarian.

Definition & Content


Figure1. Information search process

This guide covers the main steps of the information search process:

              Step 1: Define your research question

              Step 2: Identify database(s) to search

              Step 3: Build your search strategy

                                 By using Subject headings/Keywords, Boolean logic and advanced search tips specific to each database.

              Step 4: Evaluate your results

                               Make sure your results match your research question.

If you are not (entirely) satisfied, you may want to modify your search strategy or your research question.

              Step 5: Manage your sources

At the end of the guide, we invite you to take an informal test.

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