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Health Sciences Mobile Apps and Technology Guide

UpToDate Help

1. You must use this link <> to connect to UpToDate preferably on a desktop computer.  
2. Click on "Log In/Register" located on the upper right hand corner of the screen. You must register for a username and password by using your McGill email address. Make sure you remember your username and password for the next step.


3. Fill in and submit the form on the subsequent page. You will then receive an email message from UpToDate confirming your registration and more instruction. Keep that email for your record.  

4. Install the UpToDate app on your mobile device if you have not already done that. 

5. You will now be able to sign in and remain logged into the app for 90 days with the username and password you have created on the UpToDate website.

(Note: UpToDate is only available if you have a wifi or data connection. The McGill subscription does not allow for information to be downloaded and stored off-line.)

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