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FMTP 026 Management of Human Resource


We have many databases you can use for your assignments. Each database has different strengths and caters to different needs. I've listed below a few databases for business-related topics. If you don't find anything related to your topic in these databases, come see me.

Core databases: Management & business

  • Business Source Complete Best bet icon
    Comprehensive database of articles from scholarly and trade journals, working papers, market reports, industry reports, and news.
    You might prefer the simplified Business Search Interface, an alternative way of searching the Business Source Complete database.
  • ABI/Inform
    Complimentary to Business Source Complete. Includes key trade publications, dissertations, conference proceedings, and market reports, in addition to journal, magazine, and news articles.
  • Google Scholar
    Articles from a range of disciplines.
    Get help icon See also: How to enable McGill Library links in Google Scholar

Canadian sources

  • CBCA Complete
    Canadian business and current affairs magazines.  Includes scholarly publications.  
  • CPI.Q
    Canadian Periodicals Index. Articles from magazines and journals (interdisciplinary). Primarily news, trade, and popular publications.

Backfile databases

The following databases provide indexes and in many cases full-text access to articles published prior to the 1980s.

Additional databases

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