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Digital and multimedia publishing


Welcome to the Digital and Multimedia Publishing guide. This guide contains information on creating digital books and exhibits as well as interactive map and timelines. 

Tips for planning a digital project

Before you start

Embarking on a digital project requires planning. Before you start this project we recommend considering the following questions:

  • What is the goal of this project?
  • Who is the intended audience of this project?
  • Which tool would work best for my project?

Think digitally

Do not try to adapt a print project to a digital medium; instead, conceive your project digitally so it can make the best use of the opportunities digital tools afford. 

Plan ahead

Ensure you have a plan for the content and organization of your project before you start working on your chosen platform.  Use post-its or drawings to illustrate your content plan.

Other considerations

Because a digital project is available to a wider audience you need to consider these practical and ethical implications:

  • Sustainability: How are you going to maintain this project in the long run? (If that is a goal)
  • Copyright: Who owns the content you want to use? Are permissions needed?
  • Publicity: How will people find your project?


Are you interested in using some of these tools in your classes? Talk to us! We can help you with tool selection, assignment design, and more. 


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