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Digital Humanites: An Introduction

New to digital humanities? Use this guide to help you get oriented!

Digital Humanities?

Though definitions vary and have evolved over time, the term "digital humanities" (often abbreviated to DH) generally refers to scholarly activity in the humanities disciplines - that is to say, in disciplines which study human society and culture, such as history, literature, and philosophy - which uses techniques and methods made possible by digital technologies and critically engages with their implications. Common techniques employed in the digital humanities might include text mining, social network analysis, digital publishing, data visualization, and geospatial mapping - though this list is far from exhaustive.

If you're a student or scholar who is new to DH, you might understandably find it a little intimidating getting started. Never fear! This guide was expressly designed to help get you oriented in the digital humanities. Here you'll find links to textbooks, foundational documents, online resources, communities of practice, and links to other McGill guides which cover more specific or otherwise related concepts and tools. Take a look at some of the links on the left to start exploring.


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