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Communication sciences and disorders

Core databases

Need help choosing which database to search? This table shows you the differences between the four core databases in communication sciences. The most useful database will depend greatly on your question.

Database Subject coverage Publication types included Dates covered
PubMed Largest biomedical database essential for health care research Journal articles, editorials 1946 to present
CINAHL Extensive coverage of nursing and allied health, including communication sciences journals not covered by MEDLINE Journal articles, editorials, trade magazines 1937 to present
ERIC Major education database based in the US Journal articles, theses conferences, books 1966 to present
PsycInfo Excellent resource for research on psychological, social, behavioural and mental health questions Journal articles, books, book chapters 1806 to present

Using PubMed effectively

Using PubMed effectively

Sometimes when you search PubMed, you find far more articles than you need or expected, or the search results are not as relevant as you'd like. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you harness the power of PubMed and search more effectively.

To create more effective keyword searches, try these 2 minute tutorials:

More information about subject headings and keywords can be found on this page of the guide.

Other online resources (freely accessed)

Below are specialized resources that you may find useful. They are all freely accessible, so you will have access to them after you graduate. They will only provide abstract information; in order to find the full text of an article, you will have to use the library catalogue.

There is also free access to Medline through PubMed and ERIC through the US Department of Education (see links above).

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