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CEGL 413 Intensive English - Advanced A

Finding e-books

Step 1: Enter search terms


Enter your search terms into the search box. Here we will try the search terms “videogames education”.

Step 2: Limit your search to e-books

Now, limit your search results by choosing the option “eBook” on the left side of the page under the "Format" section, by clicking in the box next to the word "eBook".

A check-mark should appear in the box. This means your search results will only show content that is in e-book format.

If you want to search for both print and electronic versions, you can check both "Print book" and "eBook" at the same time


Step 3: Go to the e-book file

There are several ways to access the e-book, all of which are external links to the collection which has published the e-book.

  • Via the Search Results Page:

Icon of number one Clicking on the "View Now" shows you a list of external links which go directly to the e-book content.

There may be more than one link in the list. Each leads to the same-book, but at different e-book publishers.

Icon for the number two Clicking on the "View All  Editions" link brings you to a list of all the editions that the library owns. This allows you to see the most recent edition.

Icon for the number three Clicking on the title brings you to the detailed catalogue record.

Icon for the number fourClicking on the "View Formats" link brings you to a list of available formats and languages.

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