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Mobile Apps and Technology Guide

Accessing PressReader during the COVID-19 campus closure

We recommended using the VPN to authentiate your PressReader app, however you have two additional options:

  1. Access using your web browser with this EZproxy link to PressReader and reading in-browser
  2. Create a personal PressReader account and double-authenticate following the instructions below

Instructions for authenticating your PressReader app over EZproxy.

If you already have a personal PressReader account (i.e. you have an account with them to remember your searches, downloads, etc.) go to Step 2. If you do not yet have a PressReader account, begin with Step 1.

Step 1. Create a PressReader account


PressReader sign in


  • In the pop up box, click on "New User..."




  • Enter your name, an email address and choose a new password. Choose a password that is different from your McGill University password!
  • You should now be signed in to PressReader with your personal account. Stay signed in on the browser and Go straight to Step 3.

Step 2. If you have an existing PressReader personal account

  • Open up a web browser and access PressReader via EZproxy (using your McGill email and password)
  • Once on PressReader in your browser and recognised as McGill, log into your personal PressReader account via this browser. If your browser has retained cookies, it might have automatically logged you into your personal account. Remain logged in via your browser and Proceed to Step 3.

Step 3. Open the PressReader app on your device and log in

  • Open the PressReader app and click on "Sign in"
  • Log in using your personal PressReader account. Since you are already logged into the PressReader platform via your web browser, the app recognises your McGill authentication and automatically authenticates your app on the McGill subscription.
  • The app will be 'authenticated' for 1 week and you can now log out of the browser version of PressReader. Once the week's period has expired on the app, you will have to repeat the process of authenticating over EZproxy (Steps 2 & 3).

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