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Finding instruments, measures, scales and tests in education, health, psychology, and social work


This research guide provides access to useful sources for finding tests and measures. Use the tabs above to find tests and measures, articles about tests and measures, and information on how to cite tests and measures.

What are tests and measures?

Psychological tests (also known as mental measurements, psychological instruments, psychometric tests, inventories, rating scales) and health measures (assessments, questionnaires, checklists, vignettes/scenarios, tests) are standardized measures of a particular psychological or health variable such as personality, intelligence, physical function or quality of life.

Why can't I access a specific test or measure?

Please note that full access to many tests and measures is not available to student researchers. Access is often restricted to professors, to the graduate students they supervise, and other professionals in related fields. Restricting access to tests helps ensure their validity and reduces false diagnoses and misapplications by non-professionals. There are also often publisher-imposed copyright and licensing restrictions which further restrict access.

Commercial tests and measures require a fee to access them, and some may be prohibitively expensive for students. Library resources provide helpful descriptive and evaluative information about commercial tests.

Unpublished/non-commercial tests are free to access, but may require permission from the test creator(s) to use or obtain the test, and access may be restricted, depending on your credentials.

Information about both commercial and unpublished psychological tests is generally available, including journal articles that discuss the application and scoring of a particular test. In some cases, you may be able to find the test or measure, but without the scoring key or manual. 

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