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Nursing: Cultivating Curiosity/Culture of Evidence Module

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Culture Module: The 7 Step Process

Module 0: Creating a culture of curiosity (Step 0)

At the Ingram School of Nursing (ISoN) we have adopted the 7-step evidence-based practice (EBP) process proposed by Melnyk et al.

This module focuses on step 0 of the process: cultivating curiosity and creating a culture of evidence.

7-Step EBP process: a methodology & a framework

Circle of seven arrows illustrating the 7-step Evidence Based Practice (EBP) model. The arrows form a circle around the image of three male human icons side by side and slightly overlapping. Black on a white ground. The first arrow at the top is pink and represents step 0: Cultivating curiosity. This level is highlighted. The second arrow towards the right is greyed out and represents step 1: Asking answerable questions.  The third arrow is greyed out and represents step 2: Searching the evidence. The fourth arrow is greyed out and represents step 3: Appraising the evidence. The fifth arrow is greyed out and represents step 4: Integrating evidence into practice. The sixth arrow is greyed out and represents step 5: Evaluating practice change. The seventh and last arrow is greyed out and represents step 6: Disseminating results of evaluation.

See the EBM, EBP, EIP, 7-Step EBP: what's the difference? tab to learn about the different models, from Evidence-based Medicine (EBM), to Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) to Evidence-Informed Practice (EIP) and finally to the 7-Step Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) process we are using today.


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Please note: While this guide is managed by Francesca Frati, the contents of the guide were developed in collaboration with nursing faculty at the Ingram School of Nursing: Irene Sarasua,  Argerie Tsimicalis, Jodi Tuck, Amanda Cervantes and Caroline Marchionni.

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