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ECON 326: Ecological Economics

This course guide was designed to support the teaching and learning in the ECON 326: Ecological Economics given by Professor Thomas Naylor of the Department of Economics at McGill University.

About the Ecological Economics Guide

This course guide was designed to support the teaching and learning in the ECON 326: Ecological Economics given by Professor Thomas Naylor of the Department of Economics at McGill University. 

This guide contains introductory materials to understand Ecological Economics, links to the suggested readings outlined in the ECON 326 course syllabus and additional resources to help students with the two course assignments: the case study (25 % of final grade) / class presentation and final report (25% of final grade).

If you have any questions on using the below listed resources or require help on finding additional resources for your research topics, please do not hesitate to contact me, Michael David Miller, Liaison Librarian for Economics and International Development.

What is Ecological Economics?

What is Ecological Economics?

The New Palgrave Dictronary of Economics defines Ecological Economics as "the study of the interactions and co-evolution in time and space of human economies and the ecosystems in which human economies are embedded". 

Video Crash Course on Ecology - Playlist

The History of Life on Earth - Crash Course Ecology # 1

Energy and the Wealth of Nations

Ecological Economics: Sustainability in Practice

Pro Searching Tips : AND / OR

Example search string :

  • ("la familia michoacana" OR "la familia michoacana" OR "la famille michoacana") AND (dinero OR argent OR money) AND (religion OR catholique OR catholic OR católico OR catolicismo OR Catholicism OR catholicisme)

Search operators of the search string :

  • Parentheses 
    • Helps visualize the order of the search (kind of like order of operations in algebra)
  • Quotation marks
    • Force the search engine to search for our keywords / ideas in that exact order
  • OR
    • Link synonyms or like concepts together 
  • AND
    • Links key / principal ideas together
    • ​See the Advanced Google Searching section of this guide below. 

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Library of Prince George Community College

Introductory Books on Ecological Economics

Additional Books on Ecological Economics at McGill

Find Other Books on Ecological Economics

Find Books, Films, Music and MORE with the WorldCat Catalogue!


Maybe try an Advanced Search?

Search WorldCat Discovery for McGill's collection of resources, both print and digitial: 

  • scholarly and popular booksWorldCat Discovery Image
  • scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers
  • films, music and partitions
  • maps, microfilm and data

NOTE: This search automatically EXCLUDES journal articles.

Find Articles on Ecological Economics

Access the EconLit Database with the link below

Tips for searching in the EconLit database:

  1. Try using quotation marks for a more precise search. Example: "Ecological Economics"
  2. Try using an advanced search and search only in the title and abstract using "OR". See screenshot below. 
  3. Try using a search string such as ("ecological economics" OR "ecological economy")
  4. Try using the limiting options on the left-hand side of your search results screen to limit to scholarly peer-reviewed articles

Example search in EconLit in the title and abstract search fields.

Databases for News and Newspaper Sources

Advanced Google Searching

  • Search within a specific website : 
    • [Insert keyword here] 
    • [Insert keyword here] 
    • [Insert keyword here] / site:gov
    • [Insert keyword here]
  • Search for a specific file type : 
    • [Insert keyword here] filetype:pdf 
    • [Insert keyword here] filetype:ppt 
    • [Insert keyword here] filetype:doc
  • Other advanced Google search techniques : 

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