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E-book packages (physical sciences and engineering topics): Home

Physical science and engineering e-books


  • ACM Books
    Quality books for the computer science community, published by ACM in collaboration with Morgan & Claypool Publishers.
    Provides science, technology, and medicine e-books from CRC Press.
  • GeoScienceWorld
    Provides e-books from GeoScienceWorld.
  • IEEE Xplore
    Provides e-books from IEEE and its partner publishers.
  • IET Digital Library
    Provides science, engineering, and technology e-books published by IET. McGill Library's subscribed content is indicated with a purple lock.
  • Oxford Reference Online
    Reference books published by Oxford University Press.
  • RSC Chemistry e-books
    Provides biology, biophysics, chemical science, materials, medicinal drug discovery, and physics e-books published by Royal Society of Chemistry from 1968 to 2014.
  • ScienceDirect
    Provides e-books published by Elsevier. McGill subscriptions are indicated by a green square box.
  • SIAM e-books
    Provides e-books published by Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.
  • SpringerLink
    Provides e-books published by Springer. You may download individual chapters and the whole book in PDF.
  • Synthesis
    Provides books published by Morgan & Claypool. The whole book is downloadable.
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks
    Provides books published by by Taylor & Francis Group, including CRC Press, Routledge, etc. 
  • Wageningen Academic
    E-books on animal, food, plant, social, and environmental sciences published by Wageningen. The whole book is downloadable.
  • Wiley Online Library
    Provides e-books published by Wiley and its partner publishers.
  • World Scientific
    Complete e-book collection published in 2013 by World Scientific and titles in selected subjects published between 2005 and 2012.


University presses


  • How do I access e-books from off campus?

    Accessing e-books requires a connection to McGill’s network. You will need to log into EZproxy or VPN if you choose to access them from off campus.
  • Can I print out chapters of an e-book?

    Whether or not an e-book is printable is varying among platforms. Generally speaking, e-books available on a publisher platform can be printed by chapter. E-books from aggregators are more likely to be restricted to do so, but you may be able to print out the current screen or some pages, depending on the platform.
  • Can I download an e-book?

    Similarly, downloading allowance depends on the e-book platform too. E-books available on a publisher platform are usually downloadable by chapter or the whole book in PDF.
  • How many users can access an e-book at the same time?

    It depends on the platform. Many of our e-books available on publisher platforms can be accessed by an unlimited number of users simultaneously. However, e-books on some aggregator platforms only allow limited user access at the same time, for example, Safari Tech Books Online. A user may get a “maximum users reached” page after all the available seats are occupied.
  • Can I request a print copy for an e-book to which the library has access?

    Yes, you may request a print copy of an e-book through the Library’s InterLibrary Loan Service even if the library has access to that e-book but you find a print version would be more suitable.  
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