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Science Literacy Week @ McGill: Science at play!

Events happening across campus during science literacy week

Colouring pages and puzzles

We turned images from items in our Rare & Special Collections into digital jigsaw puzzles and colouring pages.

Jigsaw puzzles

Click on an image to access the puzzle:































Colouring pages

Here are images from our Blacker-Wood Collections to download and colour:

Temporary exhibition

Highlights from the Science History Collections

Visit our digital exhibition on Flickr to learn what special collections can teach us about climate!






"Phillip Island Parrot" from John Gould's "The birds of Australia." London : Printed by R. and J.E. Taylor; Pub. by the author, [1840]-48. Blacker Wood Natural History Collection.

Science books to explore

Raising Spirits

McGill Library Orientation Game

Scavenger hunt

Have you ever played a virtual scavenger hunt? It's loads of fun!

Take photos of any of the items on this list and tag both #SciLit and @McGillLib on social media.

Invite your friends and family to join in too.

Scavenger hunt list:

  • Interact with old tech: cassettes, mini-discs, laser discs, rotary phone, etc...
  • Find something with 'patent pending' or a trademark
  • Animal tracks
  • A native plant
  • A native bird
  • A rock bigger than your hand
  • A cumulus cloud 
  • Something made out of natural fibres 
  • Someone riding a bicycle 
  • Make a shadow puppet
  • A rainbow 
  • Something being reused or recycled
  • Condensation
  • A fossil
  • A data visualization
  • A DIY project
  • An example of each of the 6 classical simple machines:
    • Lever
    • Wheel and axle
    • Pulley
    • Inclined plane
    • Wedge
    • Screw

Image of a floppy disk with accompanying paper holder

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