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Statistics can help you better understand a population. The links below will provide you with immigration information for Canada. For more statistics, consult the Numeric Data guide.

Canadian Sources

Unless otherwise specified, the data sources listed here come from Immigration and Citizenship Canada

  • Annual Reports and Publications
    Including the Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration, the Passport Program, Departmental Plans, Financial Statements, and more.
  • Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics Profile Series (Statistics Canada)
  • Citizenship and Immigration Statistics 1966-1996 
    Includes: annual statistics, including port of entry, class of immigrant, country of birth, age groups, country of last permanent residence (detailed), province and city of intended destination, official language, gender, year of landing, intended occupation.
  • The contribution of immigration to the size and ethnocultural diversity of future cohorts of seniors
    This article analyzes the impact of immigration on the size and ethnocultural composition of future cohorts of seniors in Canada, using data from the Population Estimates Program, the Population Projections Program and other sources of demographic data.
  • Facts and figures: immigration overview: 1998-2011 / 2012-2013
    Includes: historical immigration 1860-[latest], statistics on immigration, family class, refugees, business class, skilled workers and others, showing level, province, CMA, top 10 countries of origin, education, age and gender, marital status, language ability and intention to work. Most tables contain 2 years of historical data plus current year; most issues contain a historical table back to 1860. Note: most of these statistics are also available in Statistics Canada's Data Portal.
  • Immigration maps (Toronto Star)
    The maps and charts available here are based upon data, obtained from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, that covers the period 2001-2011. The data contains records of applications to immigrate to Canada, including year, country of birth and immigration category.
  • Immigration Statistics in the Sessional Papers -- 1869-1882 / 1883-1894
    Immigration statistics finding aid in Excel Format (.xls) listing Immigration Agent Annual Reports to Parliament published in the Sessional Papers of the Parliament of Canada. URLs to or Internet Archive digital copies of the reports are included.
  • National Household Survey (2011) data tables on Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity (Statistics Canada)
  • Recent Immigrants in Metropolitan Areas: A Comparative Profile Based on the 2001 Census  (Statistics Canada)
    Read about recent immigrants living in Canada and in selected metropolitan areas at the time of the 2001 Census of Population. A set of comparative profiles is available with information on the origin and background of immigrants, their family and household structures, economic participation, income and housing.

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