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NUR1 318 Chronic Illness and Palliative Health Challenges

How to write an artice summary

Don't forget to use the CRAAP test to assess the quality of the study- see STEP 3: Appraise Module.

***IMPORTANT: this applies to:

SINGLE STUDIES (which can also be called scholarly articles or research studies or primary studies or primary research). These include:

  • randomized controlled trials (RCT)
  • Cohort studies
  • case control studies etc.

OR SYNTHESES (which can also be called secondary studies). These include:

  • systematic reviews (with or without meta-analysis)
  • scoping reviews etc.

This does NOT apply to:

SUMMARIES (which can also be called Topics). These include:

  • Topics in UpToDate or DynamedPlus
  • Clinical Practice guidelines


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