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Ad$pender provides research on the multi-media advertising marketplace. It monitors US expenditure information for millions of products at the category, parent company, subsidiaries or brand levels across US Network TV, Spot TV, Cable TV, Newspapers, Internet, etc.


United States

How to use

Once inside the Ad$pender database, you will need to open one of the ten McGill profiles. Follow the login instructions and use an available username and password provided by the website. Hit "Connect" when you are ready to begin.

Within Ad$pender you can view existing reports or build your own. Follow the steps below to build your own custom report.

  1. Select the ad media you are trying to gather data on.
  2. Set your time period.
  3. Select your product set by using the search function. Click on the item you want to include and hit "select" located at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Products are available at the product and brand level, as well as by company or parent organization. For example, you may want information on the advertising of Froot Loops cereal or the brand Froot Loops as a whole. The brand could also refer to Kellogs' cereals or Kellogs' the company. Be sure you know which aspect of the company, branch, or product you are looking to review.
    2. Searches can be set at the industry level to find data from multiple companies or brands who compete with similar products. 
  4. Once your product set is chosen, select your report format to determine how your report should be structured.
  5. Use report options to to chose any output settings
  6. Finally, you can review the report summary for a final check of all the data you want to include and make any last minute changes. When you are ready to go select "Run Report". Your report will take a few minutes to generate depending on the file size. The page will refresh with different viewing and downloading options when it is ready.

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