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Library resources for bassoon / basson

Library resources for bassoon / basson

Below are selected research tools for finding music for, and information about, the bassoon. Consult the McGill Library catalogue for complete holdings information. If you have further questions, please contact a member of the full-time staff for assistance.

Ce guide sert de point de départ ou d’outil de navigation. Consultez le catalogue pour obtenir les ressources documentaires complètes. Pour de plus amples renseignements, contactez un employé à temps plein.

Repertoire guides / Guides de répertoire

  • Beebe, Jon P. Music for Unaccompanied Solo Bassoon: An Annotated Bibliography. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 1990.
    ML128 B26 B43 1990
  • Bulling, Burchard. Fagott-Bibliographie. Wilhelmshaven: F. Noetzel, Heinrichshofen, c1989.
    ML128 B26 B84 1989
  • Clark, David Lindsey. Appraisals of Original Wind Music: A Survey and Guide. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999.
    ML128 W5 C6 1999
  • Fletcher, Kristine Klopfenstein. The Paris Conservatoire and the Contest Solos for Bassoon. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c1988.
    ML128 B25 F6 1988
  • Haug, Hermann. Bibliography and Discography on Music for Solo Wind Instruments and Orchestra. 3 vols. Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel / Musica Rara, c2004.
    ML 128 W5 H38 2004
  • Koenigsbeck, Bodo. Bassoon Bibliography / Bibliographie du basson / Fagott bibliographie. Monteaux, France: Musica rara, 1994.
    ML128 B26 K64 1994
  • Wilkins, Wayne. The Index of Bassoon Music Including the Index of Baroque Trio Sonatas. Magnolia, AR: Music Register, c1976.
    ML128 B25 W5

Books about the bassoon / Livres sur le basson

  • Jansen, Will. The Bassoon: Its History, Construction, Makers, Players and Music. Buren: F. Knuf, c1978.
    ML950 J36
  • Joppig, Gunther. The Oboe and the Bassoon. Translated by Alfred Clayton. Portland, OR: Amadeus Press, 1988.
    ML940 J6613 1988
  • Lipori, Daniel G. A Researcher's Guide to the Bassoon. Lewiston, NY: E. Mellen Press, c2002.
    ML128 B26 L56 2002
  • McKay, James R., Russell Hinkle, and William Woodward. The Bassoon Reed Manual. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c2000.
    ML951 M35 2000
  • Schleiffer, J. Eric. The Art of Bassoon Reed Making. Oneonta, NY: Swift-Dorr Publications, c1974.
    ML951 S34x

Online resources / Ressources en ligne

The Marvin Duchow Music Library is home to the Bruce Bower Collection, a substantial collection of bassoon music (scores and parts) donated by Bruce Bower, former Montreal Symphony Orchestra member and McGill bassoon professor. Solo repertoire is located in the Music Library and is accessible through the Library catalogue; chamber repertoire is located in the Gertrude Whitley Performance Library (consult the Bruce Bower Catalogue for holdings).

Periodicals / Périodiques

Call numbers for browsing / Cotes à parcourir

M75-M79 Bassoon solo / Basson seul
M253-M254 Bassoon and piano / Basson et piano
M288-M289 Duets – 2 wind instruments / Duos – 2 instruments à vent
M290-M291 Duets – wind and string instruments / Duos – instrument à vent et instrument à cordes
M296-M297 Duets – wind and plucked instruments / Duos – instrument à vent et instrument à cordes pincées
M1026-M1027 Bassoon with orchestra / Basson et orchestre
M1126-M1127 Bassoon with string orchestra / Basson et orchestre à cordes
ML128 B25-B26 Bassoon bibliography / Bibliographie – basson
ML950-ML953 Bassoon history / Histoire – basson
MT400-MT415 Bassoon studies and methods / Étude et enseignement – basson
MT406 Bassoon orchestral excerpts / Études d’orchestre – basson
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