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Patents: Subject Guide

Specialized resources for finding patents


In exchange for the complete disclosure of an invention, a patent grants the applicant the exclusive right to make, use, or sell the claimed invention for a limited period of time.

If you are interested in learning about patents or would like help conducting searches, please contact April Colosimo.

Searching the patent literature

  • Derwent Innovations Index - recommended resource for searching on a topic (covers 40 worldwide patent-issuing authorities)
  • Google Patents - patents and applications from the USPTO, EPO, and WIPO
  • CIPO's Canadian Patents Database - for the full text of Canadian patents and applications from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • USPTO - search for U.S. patents and applications from the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Espacenet (European Patent Office)
  • Patentscope (WIPO) - search international and national patent collections from the World Intellectual Property Organization
  • SciFinder - recommended resource for chemistry and related patents (covers 63 worldwide patent-issuing authorities)

Patent classification

Disclosing an invention

Research professionals from McGill University may contact the Office of Sponsored Research for information on disclosing an invention and investigating its commercialization potential.



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