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  • Are you a graduate student, resident, researcher, clinician, or faculty at McGill?
  • Do you need assistance locating and organizing resources for your research or teaching?
  • Please send us an email with your research question(s) and your availability to meet.

Core medicine databases

.    PubMed Clinical Queries - Filter your PubMed results to the study types (RCTs, Systematic Reviews, etc.) that best answer your clinical question type (therapy, diagnosis, etc.) 

.   Medline (1946 to Present) - It contains the same Medline database as PubMed, but searchable with the Ovid interface. 

Additional databases

  • Scopus - Multidisciplinary, citation database
  • Web of Science - Multidisciplinary, citation database
  • Google Scholar - For how to configure Google Scholar to show McGill Library links click here

Accessing Full-Text article

You might find these instructions to be very useful when you need to retrieve full-text articles

  1. Selecting Your Outside Tool Preference in PubMed  

  2. McGill Library links in Google Scholar

  3. Setting up VPN on your computer  Go to How to access McGill's VPN

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