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Guide to Passport GMID

Passport GMID

Oct 2017 Update: Please note that the information in this guide is slightly out of date as Passport recently made changes to their interface.

Access Passport GMID

What is Passport GMID (Euromonitor)?

Passport GMID is an online market research tool that monitors industry trends and provides strategic analysis, market size and market share data for a wide variety of products and industries across many countries.

Passport GMID is Euromonitor International's global market analysis software platform, which analyzes industries in countries from all over the planet.

Source: About Passport

Passport Contains:

  • Unique data sets developed specifically for different industries
  • Complete coverage of all relevant channels and products
  • Long historic and forecast data series, comparable across countries
  • Reports by local analysts analyzing the characteristics of each country
  • Presentations explaining regional trends comparisons

Source: About Passport

Note: Passport GMID may be only used for academic purposes.

Vocabulary Note: Category Report = Industry report in Passport GMID.

Step 1: In the industries tab, choose desired category.


Step 2:  Select a subcategory within the search tree.

The category briefing section provides general information regarding the selected category (industry) as well as expert analysis


Step 3: Choose desired subcategories and then click on Now Choose Geographies.

Within this section, choose as many subcategories as desired. This will allow for data comparison among different subcategories as well as between different countires. This will be shown in Step 4

Step 4: Choose desired geographical regions.

Choose as many geographical regions as desired. Preselected geographical regions in the left menu, the G8, European Union, NAFTA etc. that may be selected. Selecting multiple geographical regions allows the comparison of consumption, pricing, growth, etc. between the selected companies. Please see Step 5 for more information. 


Step 5: Click on the related analysis in order to access the Category Briefings (Industry Reports)

All of the small coloured boxes within the table are clickable. The displayed data within the tables may also be changed via the options provided in the left menu boxes.


Step 6: Read the category briefing.

Information found in a category briefing: category overview, trends, current, past and future market size, sales etc.

Suggested tip: be sure to analyze the supplementary suggested information found in the left menu boxes. 

Passport GMID consumer lifestyle and trends reports

Step 1: In Countries and Consumers tab, choose Consumer trends and lifestyles

Step 2: In Analysis Finder, choose the Consumer lifestyles report

An additional report that may be of interest is the Consumers in 2020 report.

Step 3: In Analysis Finder, choose desired geographical region, Canada for example

Step 4: Read your analysis / report

Tip: Use the left menu boxes to facilitate navigation of this 80 page document.

The Consumer lifestyle report contains the general consumer habits of the selected country. For example, eating habits, drinking habits, health habits etc.


Passport GMID Help and Video Tutorials

The Passport Help Page has an extensive FAQ page as well as a page that defines the terminology used within this database.

  • To access the help page, click on Help in the black menu bar located at the top of the Passport GMID home page. 
  • Navigate the links on the left-hand side of the page to access help videos, the glossary and the FAQ.

Consult the Passport Help Videos Page for video tutoriels offered in the following languages: English, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian as well as in Spanish.

  • To access the help page, click on Help in the black menu bar located at the top of the Passport GMID home page.
  • Click on the Help videos link located on the left-hand side of the page. 

For supplementary help:

Contact Jessica Lange, the liaison librarian in management and business.

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