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Databases (Management)

Information on how to access and use the management and business databases.

Guide to Eikon + Datastream

Eikon + Datastream

Is a financial markets database that provides access to information relevant for macro analysis, asset allocation strategy and sector research. Eikon is powered by Datastream, one of the most comprehensive economic databases, which combines company and cross asset market data. Eikon can allow researchers to track daily news and events, compare and analyze key economic indicators, provide unique economic time series data, access forecasting data, and is international in scope.

One of Datastream’s strengths is in providing access to historical data, making it a useful resources if you carrying out economic regressions or need historical data on financial instruments.

Access at McGill Library

Current McGill faculty and students can access Eikon + Datastream from the designated workstation in the Finance Lab located at the Humanities & Social Sciences Library, McLennan, 3rd floor (Room M3-53B).

Alumni and external users cannot access Eikon due to licensing restrictions. 

Eikon is only to be used for academic research purposes.

Access at Desautels

Eikon terminals are also available to current McGill Desautels students and faculty at the following locations:

  • 2 at Teaching Lab BRONF 205
  • 1 Faculty lounge BRONF 302
  • 4 HIM Lab BRONF 010
  • 2 Masters Lab ARMST 070
  • 1 PhD Lounge BRONF 577

Launching Eikon

Step 1: Start Eikon 

  • Once you login to the computer (using your regular McGill email/password), you can launch the software by clicking the Thomson Reuters Eikon icon on the desktop.

Screenshot of Eikon desktop icon.

Step 2: Enter Eikon ID and Password

  • Sign in to Eikon by entering the Eikon user ID and password provided at the terminal in the Finance Lab.
  • Do not check the "sign me in automatically" box.
  • It may take a few minutes for the Eikon workspace to load. 

Screenshot of Eikon login pop-up.

Closing Eikon

Step 1: Click on the Eikon icon at the top left of the screen workspace.

Screenshot of Eikon menu

Step 2: Click on the arrow next to close.

Step 3: Select Shut Down. 

Screenshot of Eikon closing menu option

Eikon via Excel plug-in

Step 1: Launch Eikon 

  • Follow steps to launch Eikon platform prior to opening Excel (outlined above).

Step 2: Start Excel

  • Click on the Eikon Excel icon located on the desktop. 

Step 3: Select Thomson Reuters tab

  • On the Excel ribbon, select the Thomson Reuters tab and then select the Sign in option.

  • You should not have to enter any credentials as you will have launched Eikon prior to opening Eikon Excel.


Step 4: Thomson Reuters tab connected

  • Once connected, the features should appear in the ribbon as shown below. 


Troubleshooting tip: If the Thomson Reuters add-in is not appearing in the ribbon, go to File -> Options -> Add-ins, and select the Thomson Reuters add-in.

Datastream via Excel plug-in

Instructions coming soon!

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