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Databases (Management)

Information on how to access and use the management and business databases.

Guide to CARD

CARD (Canadian Advertising Rates & Data)


  • Access: Canadian Advertising Rates and Data (CARD)
  • From the dropdown menu select the media you’re interested in (e.g. magazines) and hit ‘go’
  • On the left you can now limit your results by province, type of magazine, format, language etc.
  • Select whichever media outlet you’re interested to view their rate card (note: rates not available for every media outlet --> will say ‘rates available upon request’).

Alternately, search the media outlet you’re interested in the main search box (e.g. Toronto Star).

Basic Guide

Newspaper rates:

The Montreal Times

space rates M-F Sa
13000 3.11 5.70
22000 3.52 5.03

Make sure to read the fine print. Often for newspapers it will say something like ‘Above rates are based
on volume dollar contracts". That is, if you commit to spending $13 000 in ads at the fictitious Montreal
Times, your cost per line (for a Monday through Friday issue) would be $3.11. The notes will also often
explain how many lines are in a typical column.

Magazine Rates

Montreal Magazine

Space Rates - Modular Rates

  1 ti 6 ti 13 ti 26 ti 39 ti 52 ti
Full pg. $9,371 $7,900 $7,497 $7,028 $6,545 $6,080
2/3 p. $6,100 $5,218 $4,920 $4,610 $4,305 $3,938
1/2 p. $4,520 $4,112 $3,926 $3,695 $3,444 $3,100

 ti=times (i.e. the more ads you commit to purchasing, the cheaper per ad it is).

In the above example, if you committed to 6 full page ads, each ad would cost $7900.

BW=black & white

4C= colour

TV Rates

Typically will not provide rates for TV. Will say instead ‘rates available upon request’.

Use the ebook Americas Market & Mediafact (see Canada section) to get a benchmark of TV spot rates
for several channels in Canada.

Radio Rates

Provided for some. Typically provides cost of one 30 second ad.

AAA, AA, A, B =Cost a various times of day. Certain times of day are more desirable (e.g. drive home
after work) and thus have a higher rating and associated cost (e.g. AAA).


See ‘out of home’. Pricing provided by some billboard advertisers but not all (‘rates available upon request’).

GRP=gross rating point (size of audience/reach)


See ‘interactive’. Rates not provided for every website.

CPM= cost per 1000 (i.e the cost per 1000 impressions of an ad on a website)

CPC= cost per click (i.e. cost to the advertiser when someone actually clicks on their ad)

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