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Scholarly Journal Publishing Guide

Resources for McGill journal editors


Chapter 3 in the book Developing an Open Access Journal, covers the issues of planning an editorial board well (see p. 53-55). 

Checklist for planning an editorial board

[ ] Board structure Who sits on the board? What titles/roles are included (e.g. copyeditor, editor-in-chief etc.)? Example
[ ] Member Responsibilities

What are the responsibilities for each member of the editorial board? Example 

] Term lengths How long do board members sit on the editorial board? 
] Recruitment and application methods How are board members recruited? Is there an application process? What are the selection criteria? Example
] Meeting frequency How often will the editorial board meet?
] Succession planning

Is the board structured so that new members can learn from past members? 

See our Checklist for outgoing editorial teams

Sample terms of reference

See also : What exactly does an editor do?

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