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Company Research for Job Seekers

Finding companies by industry or region

The following databases can help you to identify and locate information on companies in a particular industry or region:


Mergent Online

  • Mergent Online
    Mergent provides detailed information on a large number of public and private companies.

You can search for companies by name, or you can search by industry if you know the NAICS or SIC code for the industry you are interested in.


The following is an example of the kind of information you can expect to see. (Note: There is typically less information available for privately-held companies.)




  • LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations
    Allows you to search for companies by industry or location. 
    VPN required for off-campus access or when using a wireless connection. 1 concurrent user only.

Similar to Mergent, LexisNexis will give you detailed information on each company. Of particular interest is the corporate heirarchy which will show you where the company fits in the corporate "family tree".


Industry backgrounders

IBIS World provides detailed industry reports on most Canadian as well as several specialized US industries.

These reports can give you a better idea of the context in which a particular company operates.

For more resources, see our Industry Research guide.

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