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Supply chain analysis

  • Google Books
    Supply chain information on an industry or a company will often comprise one very tiny chart or section of a book (e.g. search ‘supply chain and food industry’). If the section you wish to read isn’t available on Google Books, check the WorldCat.
  • Supply Chain 2020 Project (MIT)
    Project at MIT of masters and doctoral theses on particular supply chains. The introduction section often provides the basic information needed.  Various industries are covered (e.g. pharmaceuticals, apparel etc) and they often provide case studies on particular companies.
  • Mergent Horizon
    Use to determine customers and suppliers for a particular company. Select the 'Horizon' tab.
    See this cheat sheet for instructions on how to interpret information.
  • Business Source Complete & ABI Inform
    Search for articles on the supply chain/distribution of a particular industry. Use keywords for you industry in addition to words 'supply chain' or 'distribution'.
  • Encyclopedia of American Industries
    Select your industry and locate the section "Organization and structure". Gives brief overview of how the industry is organized. 
  • IBISWorld
    Under the "Products & markets" section of there report is brief supply chain information. (Canadian industries and US specialized industries only)

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