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WILD 421 - Wildlife Conservation

Resources for oral presentations

Mac workshops
Talking it up without dumbing it down - for undergraduate students. This series of workshops will cover:
  • Creating a research narrative
  • Oral presentation skills
  • Visual aids is research communication
Resources for oral presentations
10 simple rules for making good oral presentations
University of Wisconsin-­‐Madison Writing Center: Oral Presentations

Resources for slides
Designing effective presentations by A. Nottingham
Really bad powerpoint by S. Godin
Top 10 slide tips by G. Reynolds
Designing science presentations by M. Carter
Slide:ology by N. Duarte

Resources for both
Dazzle 'em with style: the art of oral scientific presentation by R. R. H. Anholt
Speaking about science by S. Morgan and B. Whitener (print)
When the presents: an audio and video guide to science talks by J. Lebrun

Resources for images

If you want to include great photos or images in your presentations, here are a few websites to get you started. All images on these websites are under either Creative Commons (CC) licensing or public domain. As in anything, remember to cite your images. For CC, see the infographic below.

Freepik (photos, icons, vectors)
Morguefile (photos)
Pexels (photos)
Pixabay (photos, illustrations, vectors)
Science Image (photos, videos)
Stocksnap (photos)
Wikimedia Commons (photos, videos)
Flickr – search by license

How to cite a Creative Commons image

How to attribute Creative Commons licensed photos

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