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Nursing resources and subject guides for faculty and students

In this section of the nursing subject guide you will learn about topics and find resources related to asking answerable questions and  searching the literature. Choose from the sub-menu on the left (based on the 5-step EBP diagram below):

  • STEP1: Asking answerable questions
  • STEP 2: Finding background information (to find out basic information on a topic)
  • STEP 2: Answering foreground questions (about patient care or to answer a research question)
    • Search by level of evidence
    • How to search the databases
  • STEP 3: Appraising the evidence

What is Evidence-Informed Practice?

Evidence-Based Practice | Evidence-Informed Practice

"Evidence based practice is a problem solving approach to clinical decision making that incorporates a search for the best & latest evidence, clinical expertise & assessment, and patient preference values within a context of caring" Mazurek Melnyk et al, 2005

The Five Steps:
This is an iterative process!


Additional reading:

Woodbury, M.G. et al (2014). Evidence-based Practice vs Evidence-Informed Practice: What's the difference? Wound Care Canada. 12(1). 

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