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This guide lists sources of background information, current news and statements from relevant groups, and resources for further research on the Quebec student movement of 2011-2012 and related topics. It is a work in progress and is meant to be used critically, so suggestions are welcome. For now, the annotations are in English, but the resources are both French and English. Pour le moment, les annotations sont en anglais, mais les ressources sont tant en anglais qu'en français. 

News Sources

Special sections covering the Quebec student movement:


Newspaper databases

Search across many newspapers at once for current and historical stories related to the student movement and related topics. 

Locating Scholarly Articles 

Journal articles and special issues

Analysis of the current movement will not widely found in scholarly materials yet, but articles databases can be used to find scholarship on past student action, education in Quebec, and related social movements. Here are some recommeneded databases:


Background Information

Related books and reports (print copies in the McGill Library unless otherwise noted)

Encyclopedias and bibliographies

Quebec government information related to tuition for higher education

  • Quebec government-sponsored website on post-secondary tuition issues: English and French  
  • Comité consultatif sur l'accessibilité financière aux études (Advisory Committee on the Financial Accessibility of Education). A committee of Quebec's Conseil supérieur de l'éducation: English and French

Loi 78

  • Quebec Bill 78 (2012, chapter 12), originally presented in English: "An Act to enable students to receive instruction from the postsecondary institutions they attend." English [PDF]  and French [PDF]
  • Quebec National Assembly webpage for Bill 78: English and French

Education statistics

Student Perspectives

Quebec student unions and federations

All sites contain information about the movement's origins, position statements, news, links, and materials such as videos and pamphlets. The sites are in French unless otherwise noted.


Social media

The movement on:

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