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NUR2 607 Library Course Guide

This course guide was created for students enrolled in NUR2 607 Fall 2017.

What is Evidence-Informed Practice?

Evidence-Based Practice | Evidence-Informed Practice

"Evidence based practice is a problem solving approach to clinical decision making that incorporates a search for the best & latest evidence, clinical expertise & assessment, and patient preference values within a context of caring" Mazurek Melnyk et al, 2005

The Five Steps:
This is an iterative process!


Additional reading:

Woodbury, M.G. et al (2014). Evidence-based Practice vs Evidence-Informed Practice: What's the difference? Wound Care Canada. 12(1). 

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Use the calendar below to find a clinic and register at least 2 hours in advance. Registration is mandatory and each person must register even if you plan to attend as a group with a single question. If you do not register, the clinic may be cancelled.

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