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CENT 307 & CEN2 510 Creating a Business Plan

Course guide with useful resources for the CENT 307 Creating a Business Plan instructed by ​ Rachel Hamaoui Chemtob for the Autumn 2016 session.

About this Course Research Guide

CENT 307 - Creating a Business Plan - Course Research Guide

This research guide groups electronic business plan writing resources provided by the McGill University Library and by the governments of Québec and of Canada.  

  • Course : CENT 307 - Creating a Business Plan
  • Instructor : Rachel Hamaoui Chemtob
  • Liaison Librarian : Michael David Miller
  • Semester : Fall 2016

How to write a Business Plan - Resources

Business plans

Finding Industry Information - Product Industries

Finding Industry Information - Service Industries

Finding Competitor Information

Finding statistical data about my region / province / country

Finding News Articles from Québec and Canada

Find Books and eBooks from the McGill Library

Other Useful Government Resources

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